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Sheet Sizes 10″ x 12″ | 12″ x 20″ | 20″ x 24″
Sheet Thickness .005″ | .020″
Adhesive Backed Available with or without 3M 467 adhesive.

 * AlumaMark is intended for indoor use. For outdoor use, a UV blocking overlaminate or spray must be applied.* Sizes, thicknesses, and adhesives may not be available in all finishes. Check price list for availability. If color consistency is important, we recommend purchasing material from the same lot.


Interior Exposure Indoor environment, consistent temperatures 40°F to 90°F No Effect
Abrasion Resistance Taber Abraser with CS17 wheel, 1000 gm. Load, 7000 cycles No Effect
Temperature Resistance Black and Silver image, standard, 450°F Slight yellowing of background material after 8 hours
Salt Spray 5% at 95°F for 700 hrs. No Corrosion
Exterior Exposure Weatherometer testing and actual outdoor exposure Not recommended without overspray or overlaminate
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) 24 hr. immersion No effect
Ethyl Acetate 24 hr. immersion No effect
Ammonium Hydroxide 10% solution, 16 hr. immersion Slight dulling
MIBK 24 hr. immersion No effect
Brake Fluid 24 hr. immersion No effect
Sulfuric Acid 10% solution, 16 hr. immersion test No effect
Phosphoric Acid 1% solution, 7 hr. immersion test No effect
Nitric Acid 3% solution, 72 hr. immersion No effect
JP-4 Fuel 72 hr. immersion test No effect
Skydrol (Hydraulic Fluid) 24 hr. immersions, room temperature/boiling point No effect


Click to downloadAlumaMark Data Sheet Data Sheet Details the composition, features, benefits, characteristics and technical specifications of AlumaMark.
Click to downloadAlumaMark Processing Guide Technical Guide Handguide to using AlumaMark including finishes, laser settings, tips, and troubleshooting.