If you are interested in developing a new business in your region, let’s talk about Metalphoto and other durable imaging technologies. We have introduced these technologies in more than a dozen countries and helped many entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

Metalphoto is an outstanding technology for a wide range of sign, nameplate, and barcode applications. If you are prepared to invest a reasonable amount of time, money, and hard work, we can help you build a successful business around Metalphoto and other imaging technologies. You can learn more about this.

If you already work in printing or advertising and want to add new technologies to the mix, we can help with that too – learn more.

If you are specializing in laser engraving, you might want to consider AlumaMark and DuraBlack as excellent additions to your engravable materials.

Are you interested in reliable, durable and affordable cutting systems and fabricating equipment? We offer such equipment as a complement to our imaging technologies. These products are available as separate items or as part of a turn-key production system.

And if you are a manufacturer who wants an easy, environmentally-friendly, and fast way to make nameplates and signs, we should talk as well. There are more information.

Markit Inc. is open to conversations about different business opportunities. Perhaps you have a well-developed business concept in your home country that you think could be successful elsewhere in the world. Markit Inc. can be of assistance. We have experience with logistics, Customs procedures, product certification, legal and accounting questions. If you would like to discuss a business opportunity, please contact us.